Friday, March 14, 2014

Home: A Playlist

This post is dedicated to my "Home" music. This is a place you can come when you're missin' me. Because these songs and how they make me feel.....It's me. And you can listen and love and laugh and remember. Here it comes.


This is basically everything about high school theater and all the friends I made. From the first time I heard it sitting in the drama room watching on J's big white screen, This has been a home song. I love all the people that I heard it with, that I sang it with, that sang it to me. This is a big deal one.


This one is sitting in the back of Mary's high school car with Kristen, and Connor in the front seat hanging out the window. And the club. And warm summer time playing around with really great friends.


I first saw this at the high school's showcase my Freshman year, Marco Vega.  It was immediately one of my favorite things. This whole show. Listening to this in the car so many times. Showing it to Crystal laying on her tramp one summer. Singing with everyone during Saturday morning builds. And if you wanna, go ahead and listen to every other song from this show. And that's me and Kristen jamming out on my piano and making Mary her birthday CD. It's me and Brooklyn driving around. It's me and Jon singing along in his car. This musical holds a lot. And this song is where it's at.


This one. Wow. Sitting cross legged on the carpet, surrounded by my cousins. Uncle Paul on the guitar and ALL of us knew this song. We sang it always. Uncle Dave would have tears in his eyes and we'd harmonize on the chorus. This one is all my family and all the times together.


This one is late drives. Brooklyn gave it to me and told me that it made her think of me. A song about a man who loves his piano, who loves his music, and loves the people that are important to him. It's also me driving Preston home from Subway, and driving with Laura with the windows down. It's a song that means more than it was meant to. 


This one is Kim and also all my brothers and sisters. Listening to it from the couch over and over and we all knew all the words and screamed the chorus together.


This one is so many things. But mostly Mallory singing for me at the piano. Which is always the happiest I can be. It's also calming myself down while I had to sweep up at closing time when I worked at subway. It's also USU and listening to it over and over.


This is the best video version I could find of this song. And this song so my summer at the Lyric. It's sitting backstage with Liz, and playing my clarinet off on the side. It's becoming friends with Kris and Juenee and TJ. It's midnight movies with Katie and Brooke and Jen. It's morning class with Nick. It's also crying so hard when we all sang it again at Kris's vigil on the night he died. Getting the text from Brooke that morning and then talking to Juenee on the phone and hearing that it was true. It's the song that made us a family. Falling asleep on my couch because nobody wanted to go home and be alone.


This song is VERY important. It's the end of my childhood and the closest bonds of friendship I've ever known. It's a lot of laughing and crying and being really annoyed but also really happy.


This one is USU. It's sitting with Crystal at her table when she made me rice and beans and cried in the parking lot. It's sitting in the basement with Jen talking about everything and watching more movies than our brains could handle. It's chocolate milk and nestle cookie dough. It's everything I learned and everything I lost and gained.

This has mainly been cathartic. I'm grateful for home. The friends, the memories, the experiences. All the different homes I have in all the places that they are. It's been quite a ride ladies and gentlemen. So thank you.


  1. I'm bawling. I love you so much, Benjamin. So much.

  2. Missing you out of the blue today, Benjamin.